My Fitness Journey, Again…

 I have been on a fitness quest for 7 weeks now.  Years ago, I was more attentive to my health, but I fell off the wagon and became complacent at some point.  If I made a decision to do better, I would derail myself once I cheated and it took several weeks or months to begin the process all over again.  This time, I made the decision to be persistent, consistent, disciplined, excited and have a sense of urgency this time around. These are the 5 Wealth Principles. 

My sister, whom I love dearly, has lost 28 pounds to date, and that alone motivated me.  She was never one for exercise because she had an amazing metabolism.  But, as with lots of women, it slows down as we progress through life.  That’s what began to happen to her and she gained quite a bit of weight.  She never lost her femininity, however.  She joined a fitness camp and slowly began to change her habits.  Because of her persistency, not perfection, she began to lose the weight and tone her body.  She hasn’t met her goal yet, but she is even more beautiful than before because she is nourishing her mind, body and spirit.

My BFF, Christine, is also on this journey.  I cannot express how grateful I am to have the 2 people whom I love dearly and mean so  much to me join me side-by-side in this journey that we define as our lives.  We started this quest for better health at different points, and we are making great progress toward our goals.  Christine is a P90X Princess!  She’s always been health conscience – 15+ years of low-carb eating – but she has turned it up several notches and has incorporated spiritual and mental expansion into her lifestyle for an entire overhaul.  The beautiful energy she exudes is amazing.  The energy each of us emits is synergy for our friendship as well.

Today, I celebrate these 2 women in my life and send them special love vibrations and wishes for our continued success.  Here’s to living an abundant life!!


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  1. 05/08/2010 at 1:49 AM

    Love you too suga! I am so humbled, excited, and filled with joy that we can enjoy this journey of developing our TOTALPackage together!

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