Side tracked on a Road Trip

On my way to Sterling, Virginia on Saturday, August 7th, I was sidetracked by a few lovely sites.  As I crossed into Virginia while on US15, I drove through Leesburg and visited several outdoor markets.  I purchased cantelope and corn.  I love purchasing local produce and vegetables.  Also, it’s nice to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.  Initially, I was going to drive straight through, but I thought to myself, “Why Not?!”  Why not stop, look, touch and taste.  In the past, I would have said, “maybe next time”.  This time, however, I decided to live in the moment and enjoy the experience.  Living in the moment is a challenge for me at times because I am an active planner.  I also do a lot of reflecting on yesterday, last week, last month and so on.  I am just now beginning to understand and practice the Power of Now!

Below are a few pictures I took while traveling through Leesburg’s countrysided.

It was such a beautiful day and I truly enjoyed the diversion.  I encourage anyone to slow down, look around, take a deep breath and admire your life.


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