The Union

Yesterday, my dear friend Keisha married her best friend Terrance. These two were united in holy matrimony, and it was a humbling experience to behold two beautiful individuals, each having their own unique and loving qualities, come together to form a partnership. 

Their union brought together family and friends from both sides.  An introduction and meshing of positive, supportive and loving souls that I was not expecting to meet, nor be impacted by the powerful spirits of the women that were gathered to celebrate this marriage.

I am truly looking forward to cultivating these new relatioships.  I have been open to receiving new, rich, relationships with people, and by allowing my openess, I am reaping the rewards for my actions. 

I am brimming with excitement.  I had a MAJOR breakthrough experience Sunday morning.  I fellowshiped at  Temple of Healing Waters in Sterling, Virginia.  The message that was delivered was specifically for me.  I was deeply inspired, motivated and most importantly, validated my dream.  I am searching for the words to describe the experience, but they fail me.   One thing that I know for sure, is that I can never return to the way I thought the day before.  I am a new person.

Since I have taken action on developing and expanding my mind, nurturing my body, and feeding my spirit in a more balanced manner, I stand in AWE of what God and the Universe places in my hands on a daily basis.  My mission is to utilize those gifts and positively impact those who cross my path.


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