For many years, my desire has been to help women to transform themselves and the world around them.  I was not always crystal clear on the exact formula to accomplish this, but I did understand that it all began on the inside.  I have always been in touch with my inner-self although not always in a positive way.  I remember how I would retreat inwardly to scold myself or to place myself on punishment, and verbally abuse myself.  Almost like a parent abusing a child behind closed doors, but having the appearance of a happy family in public.  That would describe how I treated myself for many years. 

What I began to realize is that my outward appearance didn’t match how I truly felt on the inside, and people were beginning to figure that out.  You see, no matter what a person appears to be on the outside, you can almost always tell how they really feel about themselves when you talk with them.  For instance, if you compliment them on their dress or appearance, you will almost always receive a negative response that deflects the positive compliment.  In other words, they are not able to receive compliments.  When a person feels good about themselves they simply reply ‘Thank You’. 

As the abused child began to show up more and more in my conversations and behavior, I became more frustrated because I only wanted to show the strong, confident and savvy woman who I aspired to become.  I was in serious conflict and I needed to do something about this and fast!

Naturally, I went to a few bookstores and bought a few self-help books with the understanding that once I read the book I would be fixed. Wrong!  It didn’t work like that for me because as I read the information, I analyzed it and counseled myself.  I didn’t have a third-party assist me or correct misinterpretations of the information I may have read, so the problem thinking only improved incrementally.   I did this over and over again, expecting that each book would be like a magic wand and make all of my problems disappear. Wrong again!  I made very small steps forward, but still there was progression and my desire to help other women on grew.

As I bounced back from strife and situations I began to see that I had been gifted with a resilient nature.  I also believe that my mother instilled that and encouraged me in that way as well.  I realized that if I continued to get back up off the ground, retreat  inward and work on “ME”, that I would improve myself and my life even if it was only gradually.  As I matured and became aware of therapy I sought out that type of help through counseling, but I quickly realized that it was very expensive.  That adventure didn’t last long, and I went back to what I knew best.  Books!

Now, 15 plus years later, I am still here.  I didn’t “check out” like I wanted to do on several occasions.  I am still here.  I kept getting back up, dusting myself off and moving forward.  I am still here.  My desire to help women continues and has long since been put into motion.  I am still here.  I know without a doubt what my Purpose is in life.  I am still here.  I now have the perfect Opportunity that is allowing me to fulfill my Purpose.  I am still here.  And now I have COMPASS as my guide.  And, yes, I believe that is one reason why I am still here.

Compass is a personal development company committed to improving the lives of women through affordable coaching programs and services.  It was Founded by Kimberly Fulcher in 2002, whose vision was to make sure women had affordable access to coaching services worldwide.  COMPASS is revolutionizing the industry of professional coaching.  Whether you want to lose weight, take control of your finances, improve your relationships, or just find time for yourself,  COMPASS has an action plan for women and teens.

I was so inspired and excited to know that I could take advantage of these services in 5 areas of my life – Life Balance, Money & Career, Relationships, Wellness and Spirit.  This is what I had been searching for half of my life.  It is like having a Personal Trainer for my Life!  If there had been a company like this when I was a teenage girl I would have taken advantage of these services a long time ago.

Since there is no time like the present, I am taking full advantage of this opportunity.  Not only am I receiving coaching, but also as a Certified COMPASS Representative, I am positioning myself to become a Certified COMPASS Coach as well.  I couldn’t be happier in my life knowing that finally, I am in the right place at the right time in my life, and I have all these tools at my disposal to make my dreams a reality!  COMPASS was my missing link.



Phantasmagoria (phan·tas·ma·go·ry):

  1. A fantastic sequence of haphazardly associative imagery, as seen in dreams or fever.
  2. A constantly changing scene composed of numerous elements.
  3. Fantastic imagery as represented in art.

So, I received a phone call from a good friend of mine.  It’s been several months since we’ve spoken, but we pick up right where we last left off.  Well, not exactly.  The beauty of this relationship is that we have both been actively transitioning and transforming and, yet, we are on the same page in between many months of conversations. 

It’s a beautiful feeling when a male and female friend can come together like he and I have.  We are truly friends with benefits of being open, honest and loving.  Truly platonic.  You probably wouldn’t place us together based on our outward appearances, but we are truly cut from the same cloth.

We spoke for about 2 1/2 hours. We laughed and talked over each other in the excitment of sharing.  It was wonderful.  He’s an artist of life and has the need to express in through different mediums, as well as attracting and showcasing other artists.  He’s a beautiful spririt.

Below is one of his artistic experiments entitled “Phantasmagoria”.  So, now that you have been  introduced to the definition of Phantasmagoria and the person behind the message, please view his project:

I have nothing but love for you Shaun Gladwell

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