I Just Had to Open My BIG FAT Blog!!

Underneath the size 12 slacks, size Large blouses and 36DDD bras, is a woman who still has her size 24 jeans and 2XL trench coat in the closet.  Why? Because I am still very much the same girl who filled those jeans out in 2002. 

Recently, I caught a glimpse of that girl through the eyes of several different women.  It was truly an out-of-body, while in-my-body experience. 

I was reminded of what it was like to feel uncomfortable in your skin because you were well above average in weight.  I was also reminded of the embarrassment that I felt by standing in a buffet line thinking to myself, “I should have enough fat to tide me over for a meal or two, so why am I in this line for food?”  I was reminded of how I would be the first to make a comment or joke about my weight “before” anyone else would – I guess to let them off the hook because I knew that’s what they were thinking anyway, right???

Well, the reminders were very emotional for me because it’s only been about 7 1/2 years since I have lived the “fat girl” lifestyle, yet it felt like, and some days it still feels like only yesterday.

I have decided to embark upon educating, advocating for and empowering women who are on their journey to weight-loss and life-management.  Yes, I added life-management because that is a critical key for long-term weight loss success.

Now, before I get too preachy, let me lay out how the next series of blogs will flow.  The title of this one should be your precursor.  I am definitely going to open my big fat mouth and share with you all the things that I have gone through and continue to endure in order to managed the battle with weight.  I didn’t say WIN the battle because it is a battle that is fought on the front lines everyday.  However, I have learned how to make daily defeats worthwhile.

DISCLAIMER: This will not be politically correct at all times.  I am all about keeping it real and being authentic by expressing what others might not dare say in public in order to connect with the heart-strings of those who are fighting this battle in their own lives every day.  Those who have been there will truly understand.  Those who are still there will realize that there is a way out.

This is my PASSION and there is NOTHING you can do about it.  Well, you could decide NOT to subscribe to my blog, and that will be just fine.  But, please, I ask that you pass this information on to one of your overweight friends and/or family members because they might benefit from what I will share.

Okay, enough of the introduction.  I have to go back to sleep since it’s 3:45am.  I just needed to put this plan into action since I was awakened with the idea.  I will return with my first blog in short order – title yet unknown, but I have tons of content so stick around.


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