Fire Alarms and Horror Movies

Lately, I have become more attuned to listening to the soft voice of my spirit.  Do you listen to that voice?  The one that whispers an idea, a warning, a gentle nudge forward.  The one you hear just before that LOUD and OBNOXIOUS voice SCREAMS and says NO, WAIT, UH OH YOU CAN’T.  It’s the voice of doubt and hesitation with its cousins chiming in signing the chorus of FEAR!  We have become accustomed to  listening to the loudest voices we hear and following suit with their instructions.  Most times we end up with regret and say something like “I KNEW I should have just…” or “I KNEW I shouldn’t have…”  When that happens, why do we continue to listen to that voice?

If you are sitting in your office at your place of employment and the fire alarm goes off do you get up and look for the source of the fire?  Do you walk around hoping to smell smoke or see a flame before you evacuate the premises? Or, is the sound of the alarm enough to suggest to you “exit the building… NOW!”  Have you seen a horror flick where a woman might be walking home at night, decides to take the scenic route through the woods, hears the crack of a branch behind her then turns around and asks “Who’s there?”  She proceeds to walk in the direction of the sound and well… I think you know what happens to her, right?  You are sitting in the chair screaming “RUN GIRL GET OUT OF THERE!!!”

I believe that the first voice you hear is your soft “alarm”.  Not necessarily only warning you of danger, but also guiding you along your journey toward your purpose.  I believe it is the voice of God whispering and guiding you.  The more “still” you become, the clearer and louder the voice becomes to you.  If you believe that you are a child of God and that He has unconditional love for you then you will begin to trust that He will guide you in the direction in which you should go.  If you are always talking,  moving and listening to the tones of chaos how can you listen for His guidance? 

I am practicing my listen skills.  I am learning more about the Creator so that I am able to understand how He works and moves in my life.  I simply refuse to take the scenic route through the  woods, following those cracking sounds of braking branches that ultimately lead to my demise.   I am still, asking for guidance, listening, receiving and following the Light.


I Just Had to Open My Big Fat Blog….Again!

Okay, so it’s been a little while since I posted about my Health/Fitness journey.  And, there is a very good reason for the delay.  Would you like to read about it? Well, here it is…….

I am challenged with maintaining multiple balls in the air, consistently.  That’s always been true for me.  However, I am always working on and looking for ways to improve myself.  If my heart is devoted to one or two areas in my life, I’m all in, but some of my other loves may be neglected.  As is the case with my health/fitness journey.  I didn’t fall completely off the wagon, but it had taken a back seat.  I was experiencing some unhappiness in other areas of my life and I began consoling myself with my favorite drug — food.  Then there were the holidays, the after the holiday treats, the “snowstorm oh well I’ll hibernate” eating… ugh!  Can I say that I have an intense dislike for the winter months in Ohio as well? 

As is typical for me, I am now beginning to feel the budding of spring time and there is a stirring in my belly.  Couple that with a more flexible schedule since I am finally full-time self-employed and I feel excited by the possibilities.  Needless to say I am a warm weather baby, although I was born in November.  I have never fully embraced the winter season because I feel like I am somehow imprisoned.   I know that this is a state of mind, but still…  When it’s cold outside, but sunny, mentally I feel better.  However, when it’s cold, gray and 12″ of snow waiting for me outside my door AND I have to drive to work in those conditions, I feel imprisoned and a bit depressed.

Well, I have decided not to fret, but to act.  I am taking steps each day to add one more healthy act to my regimen.  Just one, not two.  This way I won’t feel overwhelmed.  Drink that additional 16oz. of water, choose whipped cauliflower over whipped potatoes, use no sweetener at all, etc.  And, when we finally have warmer temperatures, I will begin biking again, walking outdoors and naturally eating less because that’s what I always do.  It’s nice to fine tune my behaviors while recognizing and promoting my positive health/fitness patterns.  I don’t have to overhaul everything I do at once, just fine tune some areas. 

Above all, the single most important thing I will continue to do without fail is — Love Myself No Matter What!  I am so grateful that I am able to love myself more today than when I was 20.  So many years of self loathing really could have done a job on my future, but I refuse to allow my past to dictate my future.

A friend of mine said to me yesterday and I concur, the confidence that one experiences from personal development is the Ultimate Sexy!  Loving yourself from the inside out will allow others to be attracted to the authentically Sexy You!

The Journey to Self Discovery

You are cordially invited to join us for the TOTALPackageWeekly Women’s Forum on Saturday, March 19 @ 8am ET. Our featured guest speaker, Dyuanna P. Mebane, will be discussing the topic “A Journey to Self Discovery: The Importance of Personal Development”.   Saturday, March 19 at 8am ET. 712-432-0075 (333220#).


Dyuanna Peterson Mebane is a Professional Motivational Speaker, Personal Development Expert and the Founder of MineYourSoul™. A personal development company, MineYourSoul™ is a business of the heart. Dyuanna is a firm believer that we are all better off if we are working toward our dreams and higher purposes, and that our relationships, families, and communities are better off if we are using our true gifts. Often times we find ourselves stuck in seemingly impossible situations or we are simply too fearful to move forward in our real purpose in life. She believes the decisions we make, the visions we hold, and how we use our mind and emotions are important factors that create the lives we live today. And given the right tools and resources, we can all begin to have lives that consist of what we actually want instead of what we habitually create.

As a personal development expert, she helps her clients bring more awareness to their lives, enabling them to move beyond their fears and become a more “conscious” creator in it. Working around her client’s specific goals, they receive coaching in the areas of money and career, making lifestyle changes to support their health and wellness, relationships, and spirit.

Her life’s experiences have led to her to the belief that we do not have to “choose” to develop as human beings because life will provide us with all the opportunities we need. “When our current resources and ways of thinking and solving problems no longer work for us and we begin to feel stuck in seemingly impossible situations, we realize that it is time for change.”

Dyuanna is a proponent of change and reinvention. She has dedicated herself to being a conduit by providing personal development tools and resources, and sharing her experience, strength and hope.

Wishful thinking….

For all of us, there comes a time when we must turn the page and begin writing the next chapter in our lives.  I am at this point in my life, again.  You’ve heard the saying “Be careful what you wish for”, right?  Why? “Because you just might get it”.  Well, I can honestly say that I received what I secretly wished for and now I must take full advantage of the opportunity.   I know that this is one of those “Use Your Buckets” moments in my life.  I also understand and accept that I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this time in my life.  I know that I was made for such a time as this.  Therefore, I will not fear failure or success.  I know that I am not alone in experiencing either; both are stepping-stones on my life’s journey.

I will get out of my own way and walk into my purpose.  I was born a Servant Leader and I understand that when I touch someone else, God touches me in return.  When you begin to understand your purpose in life, embrace it.  It might feel like the shoes are too big for you to fill, but remember that you already possess all that is necessary to fulfill your mission.  You must be courageous in your pursuit because self-doubt and the doubts of others will present obstacles.

So what will I do now that I have time on my hands? I will anticipate with faith what lies ahead.  All my experiences carry me forward to fulfill my purpose in life.  I will remind myself daily of  the following affirmation: I have a perfect work in a perfect way; I give a perfect service for perfect pay.  I will focus on my first wealth — my health.  I will refine my 3-month and 6-month plans. And, I will be ever-present during this experience.  I will not look back, I follow my plan and live in the moment.

The Master in the art of living makes little distinction between her work and her play, her labor and her leisure, her mind and her body, her information and her recreation, her life and her religion.  She hardly knows which is which.  She simply pursues her vision of excellence at whatever she does, leaving others to decide whether she is working or playing.  To her she’s always doing both.

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