The Journey to Self Discovery

You are cordially invited to join us for the TOTALPackageWeekly Women’s Forum on Saturday, March 19 @ 8am ET. Our featured guest speaker, Dyuanna P. Mebane, will be discussing the topic “A Journey to Self Discovery: The Importance of Personal Development”.   Saturday, March 19 at 8am ET. 712-432-0075 (333220#).


Dyuanna Peterson Mebane is a Professional Motivational Speaker, Personal Development Expert and the Founder of MineYourSoul™. A personal development company, MineYourSoul™ is a business of the heart. Dyuanna is a firm believer that we are all better off if we are working toward our dreams and higher purposes, and that our relationships, families, and communities are better off if we are using our true gifts. Often times we find ourselves stuck in seemingly impossible situations or we are simply too fearful to move forward in our real purpose in life. She believes the decisions we make, the visions we hold, and how we use our mind and emotions are important factors that create the lives we live today. And given the right tools and resources, we can all begin to have lives that consist of what we actually want instead of what we habitually create.

As a personal development expert, she helps her clients bring more awareness to their lives, enabling them to move beyond their fears and become a more “conscious” creator in it. Working around her client’s specific goals, they receive coaching in the areas of money and career, making lifestyle changes to support their health and wellness, relationships, and spirit.

Her life’s experiences have led to her to the belief that we do not have to “choose” to develop as human beings because life will provide us with all the opportunities we need. “When our current resources and ways of thinking and solving problems no longer work for us and we begin to feel stuck in seemingly impossible situations, we realize that it is time for change.”

Dyuanna is a proponent of change and reinvention. She has dedicated herself to being a conduit by providing personal development tools and resources, and sharing her experience, strength and hope.


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