Dyuanna Peterson, Resilient Life-Coach, Blogger and Entrepreneur, MineYourSoul™
Co-Founder/Co-Host of TOTALPackage™ Women’s Network
Co-Founder of Women Empowered By Women.

If I had to use one word to describe myself, it would be “resilient”. This word describes one of my best attributes. Looking over my life and all that I’ve experienced, I have realized that I possess a resilient nature. I have always been optimistic, but often times I would find myself in a distressed state of mind or situations that appeared to be insurmountable. One of my first reactions to pain was to retreat within. Over time, with determination, guidance and grace/mercy, I realized that is where the healing begins. I had to venture deep within, to that rarely visited place in my soul to find those precious gems that where waiting to be discovered. We all know that gems are very precious and are quite hard to find. Before these stones are admired for their beauty and uniqueness, they have to go through a sometimes long and complicated process of mining, shaping, refining and polishing. The refinement process is where I shine – literally. That is where my passion lies.


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