Getting Back to Center – Authentically

Today was a great day for me.  I kept most of the promises that I made for myself.  I was slightly more determined to do so than I was yesterday.  I spent the morning shopping with my father.  I’m realizing that we have developed a few routines and shopping together is one of them.  The sun was shining so bright and it put us in a really good mood.  After we returned home and put away the groceries, I prepared myself for my Compass Top Earner’s call with our Founder Kim Fulcher.  As I listened to her deliver our training, I felt extra sensitive to her message, as if it had been prepared just for me.  She spoke about giving away your power and being a victim, blaming others for the wrongs in your life and gave tactical advice on how to counteract that type of thinking and behavior.  She said we should embrace the inner victor and to take responsibility for our lives.  She touched on a few other areas as well, but these two in particular really stayed with me.  She always says “What do you want? Now, what are you going to do about it?”.  I started to reflect on this after the call, but then became distracted by some of my other “to-dos”.

A few short hours later, a friend of mine asked me to send her my bio for an upcoming show for which I will be a guest.  In the midst of multi-tasking and listening to the “white noise” I sent her a bio that I knew didn’t truly reflect who I am, but seemed to be more professional.  The soft voice in my head suggested that I not send it, but I listened to the louder voice that said otherwise.  Now, I know we ALL hear voices in our head, right?  I do.  And what I have learned by trial and error is that I should trust the first voice, the softer voice and not the next one that is usually cloaked in fear, hesitation and procrastination.  And, almost without fail, when I follow the instructions of the louder voice the results that it yields are not what I wanted.  I end up saying, “I knew I should have….”.  So, this time was no different.

My phone rang and I am excited to see that it is my girlfriend.  I must admit that she and I have never met face-to-face.  We’ve had an online and telephone friendship for at least 3 years now.  We have connected soul-to-soul, however.  She “sees” me.  Image She loves me, and I her.  This I know for sure.  We begin chatting it up and she shares some really deep and enlightening experiences with me that evokes deep emotions within me.  She then gently asks me to rewrite my bio and share the real “me”.  She called a spade a “spade”.  She saw right through me.  I paused and then explained.  She shared some more of her own personal experiences with me.  I began to cry because it was the release that I needed.  I hadn’t realized that I had gotten off base within myself.  She was bringing me back “home”.  Back to center, back to my nucleus.    It was as if a door had been opened and I was able to see “me”.  The authentic me.  I really needed to return back to this place so that I could remember, relate and celebrate the uniqueness that lies within me.  I don’t have to “BE” anything other than the truly authentic woman who I am.  The woman who is in touch with my past, but who is perfectly present.

I thank God for placing key people in my life who can help guide me back toward my path when I stumble off course.  That is truly a blessing and a miracle in today’s world where people are so caught up in the competition of friendships and embracing “the haters” as if it gives them some type of credibility.  I am simply humbled by the fact that I have people who love me so dearly that they will pull my coat-tail and say “hey, come back to yourself”.  The training that I received earlier in the day about embracing your inner victor, coupled with the exchange between myself and Heidi (that’s the girlfriend) really moved me today.  It reminds me of a saying by Susan Taylor “Give yourself to yourself before you give yourself away.”


Reflecting on the beginning of a friendship…

I am celebrating my friendship with a very special person! I wanted to share this with all of you today! Enjoy!
Celebrating Friendships!

The Union

Yesterday, my dear friend Keisha married her best friend Terrance. These two were united in holy matrimony, and it was a humbling experience to behold two beautiful individuals, each having their own unique and loving qualities, come together to form a partnership. 

Their union brought together family and friends from both sides.  An introduction and meshing of positive, supportive and loving souls that I was not expecting to meet, nor be impacted by the powerful spirits of the women that were gathered to celebrate this marriage.

I am truly looking forward to cultivating these new relatioships.  I have been open to receiving new, rich, relationships with people, and by allowing my openess, I am reaping the rewards for my actions. 

I am brimming with excitement.  I had a MAJOR breakthrough experience Sunday morning.  I fellowshiped at  Temple of Healing Waters in Sterling, Virginia.  The message that was delivered was specifically for me.  I was deeply inspired, motivated and most importantly, validated my dream.  I am searching for the words to describe the experience, but they fail me.   One thing that I know for sure, is that I can never return to the way I thought the day before.  I am a new person.

Since I have taken action on developing and expanding my mind, nurturing my body, and feeding my spirit in a more balanced manner, I stand in AWE of what God and the Universe places in my hands on a daily basis.  My mission is to utilize those gifts and positively impact those who cross my path.


A soulmate or soul mate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, spirituality and/or compatibility.

I have a  Soulmate.  She is my sister/friend/soulmate.  I feel so blessed to have her in my life.  She knows me like no one else. It’s like we are cut from the same cloth.  We actually learned how to become friends with each other.  Neither one of us had developed an adult female friendship before.   We often reflect on how slow our friendship began.  And we always laugh because my first impression of her was absolutely wrong!!.  Only after we decided to place our trust in one another and began to share some intimate discussions did our friendship begin to flourish.  There has never been any DRAMA!.  Just little debates.  Life has been good to us and we have weathered many storms.  And, our bond remains solid.  We are often ech others muse.  True friendship isn’t as rare as one might think.  I believe you must become what you want to attract.  We have done that with each other, hence a sister/friend/soulmate relationship for life.

Our friendship is deeply rooted in trust and love.  We each support and encourage the other to be our best, and when we are not at our best, we are still accepted and loved.  I wish it was possible to bottle this friendship and sell it.  We would become instant Zillionaires! 

What is more practical, however, is for me to show other women how to be open and honest with themselves, to love and honor themselves, and to become the friend that she would like to have in her life.  You might not meet your SoulMate, but you will have one hellava Friend!

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